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2004 competition
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2004 competition: Third prize winner (2 of 4)
The earth is fruitful
Slow paced stragglers Lose a branch
Big bomb shelters Sprouting out
Little shoots struggle No drink
No chance

It’s too hot On the alleys and paths
The land is parched
Seeds scorched
But there are rumours Of fertile soil
Deep underground
Further down
Under the celebrated Hanging garden
A collateral bloom Drops with love
All know rain Is a gift from above
The roaring sandstorm
Hits the town
Streets and stems Wilt in the heat
If they had strength
They would weep
This is no place To stand and stare
But Look over there
Yes over there
Another blossom Hits another bridge
It bursts into petals
Melting metal
And I hear children Have been dead-headed
Homes turned over Hospitals raked
All the Schools Hoed into shape
Gathers pace
The air raid harrowing Is successful
A bountiful harvest For all to see
Then they’ll dig A deep dark yield
Gather up the gold Plenty to eat
Satisfied sleep

The earth is fruitful The earth is fruitful
Let it be known
The earth is fruitful
The roots laugh
And begin to trickle

Jonathan Wilson