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2004 competition
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2004 competition: Highly commended (4 of 11)

East Anglian equinox 2002

The equinox turns bracken on its back,
tides lap at the cliff.
Sandmartins have fled, nests laid open
trickle their small debris.
Swans fly in like bombers,
low and heavy, the broad wrinkling under their feet.

Last week’s seal turning to lick a fin, lies drying,
eyes clear now, stiff as tide packed sand.
The dogs nose into putrescence.

Black planes, high up, disconnect the sky

coming and going, shadows moving across
the sand like clouds, the roar
of conflagration.

The percussioned edge of flint, held tight;
a seal turning, licking the same fin;
a dog chasing his tail. The sky creases as wave upon
wave –

The bracken lies down under the wind, birds fly in.

Jenny Vuglar