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2004 competition
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2004 competition: Third prize winner (3 of 4)


                     “innocent civilians.”
                         Not a stereotype, stereotype
                    is just - and “a schoolgirl riddled
               with bullets” is a phrase used
          by journalists to sell newspapers
     to bleeding hearts. Bleeding hearts sell –
The incident was looked into – look –
     no, let me – the incident was looked into
          and there is no evidence – no evidence – no
               let me – no, she knowingly entered the forbidden –
                    She knowingly. With a satchel, for Christ’s sake.
                         She knowingly and in full. Well obviously
                              she was being used to lure soldiers.
                         Under the rules of engage. Under the. Under the.
                    Under the rules of engagement she may, she may, yes,
               be wounded, yes. Under the rules. She may.
          Yes, I know she was shot dead, that is what. Yes,
I know the satchel was shot, because it could so easily.
     It could so easily have been an explosive device.
          That is normal procedure for. And no-one, no Palestinian, not one,
               can explain what she was doing in the forbidden zone.
                    So I don’t think. Shed tears for.
                         Look. That is what. Is being. Is being.
                              Looked in- Cleared already? The Unit
                         Commander has come under very heavy
                    fire for his decision. Yes, I know he was cleared but.
               I know some soldiers are complaining,
          some soldiers are always.
     Thirteen times? Look, there was
clear evidence she was carrying a bomb.
     Suicide bombers are getting younger
          every day, so. No, no, wait, he turned away,
               but then, thinking she might still be alive
                    and a very real threat –
                         no well you say she was already shot three times
                              and then he switched his rifle to automatic
                         and fired thirteen shots into her,
                    in fact it was ten. “He emptied his
               clip into her?!” No, that is what. No, that is what.
          Is being looked into. And I have no doubt.
     I have no doubt. That we shall find. That –
no let me finish. No. That we shall. Find.

Josh Ekroy