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The Iraq Occupation Focus newsletter is a digest of the latest news about the occupation of Iraq, and also includes events in the UK related to the occupation. It comes out approximately every two weeks and is sent to our mailing list, which is hosted by

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No. 35 – 23/01/2006 The human cost: How Many Iraqis Have Died Since the US Invasion in 2003? | The financial cost: U.S. winding down Iraq reconstruction |Iraq war could cost US over $2 trillion | Unrest: Jobless Iraqis clash with police | IMF Occupies Iraq, Riots Follow | Oil Ministry says corruption hindering output, distribution | Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq | Repression: Under-reported events | Governor says Mosul quiet; residents speak of escalating violence | Anger as Britain admits it was wrong to blame Iran for deaths in Iraq | US troops seize award-winning Iraqi journalist | Senior British officer brands US soldiers 'racist' in Iraq | Army Papers Show Abuse Case Closed Without a Full Inquiry | Iraqi widows feel lost in land that cannot provide | Election: 227 Iraqi Ballot Boxes Tossed Amid Fraud | Solidarity: Impeach Blair on Iraq, says general | Activists call for protection of academics | New dates for Iraq Occupation Focus monthly meetings | Upcoming events

No. 34 – 07/01/2006 Sunni and secular parties seek Iraq election rerun | Students in Mosul protest election rigging allegations | Protesters call for unity government in Iraq | Coercion marred Iraq elections: experts | Monitors to study Iraq poll claim | Fuel price hike | Mayhem Across Iraq Leaves 15 Dead and Dozens Wounded | Saddam's scientists freed as US house of cards starts to tumble | Allegations of ill-treatment after protest by Iraqi detainees | Impact of US offensive | Aid needed for displaced in Anbar, demonstrators say | Behind the Steel Curtain: The Real Face of the Occupation | US warplane used to target Iraqi family home | Street children face hunger and abuse | Thousands of US troops to oversee Iraqi police | Voters abandon PM over Iraq war | Number of nations sending troops to Iraq declining | Most Japanese want troops out of Iraq: poll | Upcoming events

No. 33 – 23/12/2005 Iraqi Sunnis demonstrate against election "fraud" | Monitors praise elections | Rise in poll complaints troubles Iraq vote monitors | Election results to be delayed up to two weeks | Iraq’s perilous, pricey campaign | Campaign turns ugly in days before election | Britain 'trying to stall $1.3bn theft inquiry that could hurt Allawi's election chances' | Word of more secret prisons swirls in Iraq | 2nd torture site operated by Iraq forces is uncovered | Memo appears to reveal existence of Interior Ministry death squad | Masked government men terrorise Iraq | More factions join calls for withdrawal of U.S. troops | One more against war | Bulgaria pulls troops out of Iraq | US increases air attacks in Iraq | Many displaced in west fear returning home | Upcoming events

No. 32 – 12/12/2005 Hundreds of families flee fighting in Ramadi | Iraq minus ‘another town’ | Abuse worse than under Saddam, says Iraqi leader | ‘Trophy’ video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers | Private Security Guards in Iraq Operate With Little Supervision | Iraq misses deadline for probe on torture allegations | Children as Human Shields | US paying Iraqi press to run favourable stories | Up in the air | Kurdish Oil Deal Shocks Iraq’s Political Leaders | Ukraine begins troop withdrawal from Iraq | Iraqis turn to drugs to escape reality | Many Iraqi voters want Americans to go home | Civil rights groups protest sex segregation in schools | Cost of British operations in Iraq soars to �5bn | Cross-party initiative in Parliament | Upcoming events

No. 31 – 29/11/2005 New offensive | Iraqi detainees tortured | MPs call for tighter rules on battlefield use of phosphorus | Uproar at Threat to Kill Extremist Sympathisers | Conditions “worsening” despite expenditure | Iraq Under U.S. Occupation: "It Was Never As Bad As This" | Iraqi children losing their innocence in the violence of the war | Poor Iraqis face struggle for survival | Iraq's oil: The spoils of war | Iraqi Leaders Call for Pullout | Children killed as US troops fire | Police, Civil Servants in Iraq Punished for not Voting | Upcoming events

No. 30 – 16/11/2005 Operation ‘Steel Curtain’ | Extension of US-led military mandate draws demonstrations | Iraq Sunni group blasts defence minister | Oil cartel maintained | Halliburton Should Repay Millions to Iraq, a U.N. Audit Finds | Phosphorous Attack on Fallujah | Five US soldiers charged with abuse | Robert Fisk interviewed | Iraq vet works against war | Upcoming events

No. 29 – 30/10/2005 The Referendum | US practice of starving out Iraqi civilians is inhumane, says UN | Women and children killed in US air strikes on Ramadi, doctor says | U.S. cash fuels human trade | Asia’s Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq | Millions of Iraqis say attacks are justified | Are British troops at breaking point in Iraq? | CIA agents to escape criminal offence charges | Upcoming events

No. 28 – 15/10/2005 US forces continue rampage through western cities | Marsh Arabs demonstrate in Basra | 25,000 Iraqis killed since U.S. invasion, group says | Constitution vote marred by rule changes, violence and US interference | More US figures favour pull-out | US applies pressure on Iraq coverage | Ministers in dock over missing billions | Traumatised young Iraqis turn increasingly to hard drugs | Upcoming events

No. 27 – 03/10/2005 People flee Baghdad district fearing imminent attack | Iraqi judge: Re-arrest British soldiers | Scrap Basra police and start again orders MoD | Arabic channel demands reporter's release | Second journalist probing Basra police killed | Officer's road led him outside Army | England convicted for Abu Ghraib abuse | Hundreds flee Samara | Food programme shortfall | Medics fleeing Iraq's violence in their thousands | New Five-Star Hotel in Baghdad! | Iraqi women say freedoms are slipping away | US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed | Big Antiwar Rallies Held in U.S.and U.K. | Norwegian soldiers to leave | New resources | Upcoming events

No. 26 – 21/09/2005 A deadly week in Iraq | Iraqis flee as fears mount of more U.S.led strikes on cities | Insurgents Assert Control Over Town Near Syrian Border | Basra protests | Annan: Iraqis’ right to life in peril | Security Contractors in Iraq Under Scrutiny After Shootings | Iraqi farmer describes assault by seven British soldiers | Reporters at risk | Sergeant Jailed in Iraq Abuse Case | Iraq rebuilding under threat as US runs out of money | Pressure grows for troop withdrawal | American support for Iraq war at all-time low | Upcoming events | “Voices from Occupied Iraq”: An International Teach-in

No. 25 – 06/09/2005 Iraq buries its dead but recriminations from the stampede have barely begun | How the US got its neoliberal way in Iraq | US forces, fighters clash in Iraq town | Haditha under fire | Troops Target Homes in West Iraq | US probes killing of Iraqi by marines | Iraq general says US troops shot him | Tens of thousands languish in jail | “No special consideration for journalists” | Radioactive Wounds of War | Iraqi unions face threat to independence | People falling ill from contaminated water | Condemnation of scheduled executions | Iraq war “costlier than Vietnam” | Iraqi hospitals ailing under Occupation | Economic Occupation of Iraq on Trial | Upcoming events | “Voices from Occupied Iraq”: An International Teach-in

No. 24 – 23/08/2005 Constitution crisis | US Attacks Continue in West Iraq | US bombs Tel Affar despite parliament speaker’s warning | Government minister lashes out at US | Sabotage halts south Iraq oil exports | Death of Iraqi brothers sparks anti-U.S. rage | Death of Iraqi brothers sparks anti-U.S. rage | Secrets Of The Morgue | US Army Planning for 4 More Years in Iraq | Housing problems increase as conflict hits | Iraq “most stressed and oppressed” country | Boys trapped in sex trade | State firms on privatisation block | Audit: Iraq fraud drained $1 billion | Veterans for Peace speak out | Occupation and resistance | IRAQ OCCUPATION FOCUS TEACH-IN | IOF/ Red Pepper 2005 Open Poetry Competition | Upcoming activities

No. 23 – 02/08/2005 – This issue is not available online

No. 22 – 17/07/2005 – This issue is not available online

No. 21 – 02/07/2005 “To most ordinary Iraqis it is evident that life over the past year has been getting worse” | Occupying forces on rampage in western Iraq | Iraqi MPs, student unions call for end to occupation | Treatment of detainees evokes Hussein Era | Meanwhile... US to expand prisons across Iraq | Abductions in Kirkuk | Water shortage adds to Iraqis’ misery | And there’s a food shortage as well... | Fallujah: ongoing atrocity | “We can’t kill them all”: Occupiers’ military campaign bogged down | Mounting domestic pressure on Bush | British and US campaigners seek truth | “Our Home in Iraq” appeal | THE G8 SUMMIT - 2–8 JULY, SCOTLAND: Bush and Blair will be there, will you? | Other events

No. 20 – 06/06/2005 US-led forces’ Iraq mandate extended | U.S. offensive around al-Qa'im creates humanitarian crisis and alienates local allies | U.S. death toll surges amid rebel violence | Iraqi troops refuse to attend U.S. army training | Iraqis face ‘Kafkaesque’ process to obtain compensation from US | Rice interrupted by enactment of Abu Ghraib abuse | Privisation and resistance in Iraq | Iraqi living standards in worrying decline | 11 British soldiers face charges over Iraq death | Mercenaries in the line of fire | At least 8,000 looted treasures still untraced | New anti-war film available on DVD | Upcoming events | Winning entry from IOF poetry competition

No. 19 – 19/05/2005 Occupation still mired in violence | Al-Sadr emerges from hiding to denounce occupiers | Disillusioned Iraq vet uses photo album to show America the real face of war | Anti-war candidates take votes from Labour in UK election | Basra Oil Union Organises Historic Anti-Privatisation Conference | Americans still hold the reins in Iraq | Pentagon looks to block disclosure of future scandals | US facing growing struggle to find willing foot soldiers | More dirty tales of where the money’s going | Upcoming events | Winning entry from IOF poetry competition

No. 18 – 30/04/2005 Will Tony Blair finally be made to pay the price for Iraq? | Reports that attacks have increased since the election | Weapons sites looted while the US bungled the hunt for WMD | IOF t-shirts – only � | More Europeans pull out | Iraqi workers organise against the corporate profiteers | Human rights abuses still rampant | Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies | US troops assault assembly member | Upcoming events | Film of IOF teach-in now on the web | Winning entry from IOF poetry competition

No. 17 – 09/04/2005 Iraqis take to the streets in protest as occupation enters its third year | 70% of Fallujah destroyed | Infant malnutrition twice as common after occupation | The mercenary viewpoint: shooting people is ‘fun’ | Prisoner abuse approved by top US commander | Cronyism and corruption blight US-led ‘reconstruction’ | The corporate invasion of Iraq (New IOF Factsheet) | Journalists continue to face grave dangers in reporting the real face of occupation | More soldiers refuse to serve | US military families march | Upcoming events | Film of IOF teach-in now on the web | Winning entry from IOF poetry competition

No. 16 – 19/03/2005 Two years on: the world still says No! | Occupiers to wash their hands of torture jails – Yet the scale of the abuse is still just emerging | US lost control within three months | UNCC awards $265m more reparations against Iraq | The costs of empire | Coalition of the unwilling: Part II – More of America’s allies decide it’s time to leave | Iraq allies accused of failing to investigate civilian deaths | US occupiers allowed looters to strip Saddam’s weapons plants bare | Iraq vets increasingly important in US movement to end the occupation | Upcoming events | Winning entry from IOF poetry competition

No. 15 – 19/01/2005 The coalition of the unwilling: Governments pull out whilst soldiers refuse to serve | Ukraine to pull troops out of Iraq | ...And the Netherlands follows suit | U.S. soldiers desperate to avoid going to Iraq | US deserters flee to Canada to avoid service in Iraq | TA reservist from London says he will refuse to serve in Iraq | Prisoner abuse: Higher officials unlikely to be tried | Iraq’s power supply sinks to record low: US general | Baquba: residents refuse loyalty oath despite inducements | U.S. lowers expectations for once-heralded Iraq vote | ACTIONS COMING UP | Winning entry from IOF poetry competition

No. 14 – 19/11/2004 Fallujah horror: the costs and consequences | Latest: search and destroy | Eyewitness | 800 Civilians Feared Dead | Humanitarian emergency | Fallujah survivors speak | ‘Foreign fighters’ few in number | Popular support for Fallujah | Baghdad mosque stormed | Violence spreads | Election boycott call | Partners deserting US-UK occupation mission: Hungarian MPs vote to withdraw troops | US blamed for reporters’ deaths | Remembering Margaret Hassan | Saddam’s collaborators | Naomi Klein speaks in London - Making A Killing: The Corporate Invasion of Iraq | ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Demonstration against the occupation of Iraq

No. 13 – 12/11/2004 Attrocities multiply as Fallujah is destroyed | “Dead women and children lying in the streets” | Humanitarian disaster: “no medicine, no water, no electricity” | Mounting toll of dead and injured | Doctors killed in air strike | Hidden tragedies in helpless city | Mosques bombed | Mosul: the next target | Violence flares across Iraq | “How can we live like this?” | Iraqi railway workers boycott US troops | Puppet regime curbs media freedoms | US forces raid Baghdad homes, mosque | UK embassy in Stockholm blockaded | Award-winning report on Iraqi workers under occupation

No. 12 – 05/11/2004 Fallujah assault imminent | STOP THE ASSAULT ON FALLUJAH! | Non-violent direct action training workshop | Lancet study: 100,000 Iraqis killed since invasion | Intense struggle in Ramadi | Next Iraq Occupation Focus organising meeting | Attacks halt oil flow | Bush rejected Muslim peacekeepers | Vietnam tactics in Iraq: helicopters hover and kill | Zarqawi’s role in Iraq overstated, analysts say | Iraqi regime slashes subsidies | Black Watch regiment in Baghdad | Journalists under attack | Justice for Iraq’s detainees: Speaking tour: 13–21 November | Breaking Ranks: opposition to war and occupation in the US military | Making A Killing: The Corporate Invasion of Iraq. Naomi Klein speaks in London | Occupation and Resistance in Iraq: An International Teach-in

No. 11 – 19/10/2004 The latest big lie | Attack on Fallujah: crime against humanity | MASSIVE POST-ELECTION ASSAULT LOOMS – MOMENT OF TRUTH | Next Iraq Occupation Focus organising meeting | US soldiers refuse orders, while others grow disillusioned | SUPPORT US SOLDIERS SEEKING ASYLUM IN CANADA | Iraq faces soaring toll of deadly disease and drug addiction | Under the bombs in Baghdad: The camera as a stethoscope. A documentary film by doctor Geert Van Moorter | School kids suffer | Occupiers can’t account for billions of Iraq’s oil revenues | Report from the British zone: ‘peaceful’ south gets deadlier by the day | Iraq’s new security service: a law unto itself | Occupation and Resistance in Iraq: An International Teach-in

No. 10 – 11/10/2004 Fallujah: civilians under fire | WARNING: Occupation forces plan assault after US elections | RESIST THE ASSAULT ON IRAQ’S CITIES | Iraq Occupation Focus at the ESF | US plan for covert influence of Iraqi election | The cost of “retaking” Samarra | URGENT APPEAL: BASRA OIL UNION | Families of children killed in blast blame occupiers | Big lie of “foreign fighters” | From Baghdad: A Reporter’s E-Mail to Friends | Freed Italian hostage calls for end to occupation | Occupation and Resistance in Iraq: An International Teach-in | About Baghdad – special London screening, 28 October

No. 9 – 28/09/2004 Fallujah: civilians pay the blood price | Sadr City assaulted by US warplanes | US bombs Kut, kills 75, wounds 148 | British troops killed | Violence surges across Iraq | “Occupying forces kill twice as many Iraqis as insurgents” | US troops question occupation | Cancel Iraq’s debt | Baghdad Year Zero | Iraq’s new model army | Realities behind Bush’s fantasies | Iraq Occupation Focus International Teach-in | Poetry Competition

No. 8 – 17/09/2004 ‘Illegal’ war leads to brutal occupation | Breaking news... | Tal Afar under siege | Big offensive planned after US election | Northern pipeline blown up | Reconstruction short-changed again | Report damns occupiers’ record | Torture in Mosul | “We have no business being over there” | Salvadorans oppose Iraq deployment | Free our friends! | Belmarsh-Guantanamo-Abu Ghraib: axis of evil, access to torture | More than 10,000 Iraqis killed in Baghdad region alone | “There is no greater shame than to see your country occupied” | Sunday 5 December: Iraq Occupation Focus Day conference, central London

No. 7 – 08/09/2004 US Military Families Speak Out – UK tour | Falluja under fire | Deadly battle in Sadr City | “Poor, innocent people being killed on both sides” | An urgent appeal to the kidnappers of NGO workers from the Italian peace movement | Clerics order end to kidnapping | Elections in doubt | Oil sabotage continues | Al-Jazeera ban extended indefinitely | 9/11 anniversary | And coming soon... | Saturday 4 December: Iraq Occupation Focus day conference, central London | Video: US Labor Against the War in London

No. 6 – 22/08/2004 US-UK offensive leads to standoff in Najaf | Olympic bulletin: Iraqi footballers denounce occupation | Typhoid, hepatitis E rampant as sewage taints water supply | ‘Clueless’ | Occupiers can’t account for $8.8 billion of Iraqi assets | New ‘transitional council’ rigged | Free anti-occupation postcards, placards and window posters | IOF day conference on the occupation

No. 5 – 18/08/2004 US-UK offensive on Iraqi cities | Stop The Slaughter In Najaf – Picket at Downing Street | Downing Street vigil | Oil workers stop supplies | Attempt to silence media | ‘37,000’ killed by US–UK | 4th September – Fat Cat tour | War crimes in Najaf | The death penalty, the Danes and the Brits | “We secure the oil trade” | Useful resources | Justice for Iraq’s detainees | IOF day conference on the occupation

No. 4 – 01/08/2004 Violence spirals in occupied Iraq | Iraq’s ‘National Conference’ postponed | ‘Democracy’ in Najaf? | Slogan banned in Boston | Iraq Occupation Focus public meeting | Kidnapping wave | US casualties mount in July | “Wolfowitz is even dirtier” | Sunni leaders press insurgents to fight US forces, not Iraqis | Allawi attacks media freedom | Saddam’s secret police rebuild their network | Paying the Price: The Mounting Costs of the Iraq War | Unemployment at 70% | Occupiers fail audits | The Assassination of Iraqi Intellectuals | Discussion: Elections

No. 3 – 17/07/2004 Iraq Occupation Focus public meeting | Since the “handover”... | Insurgents hit oil supplies | Allawi executed prisoners | Reconstruction? | Interim government seizes draconian powers | Child detainees abused | Iraq: ‘Broad alliance of anti-occupation organisations’ | Iraq War Fat Cat Tour

No. 2 – 10/07/2004 Official – Iraq worse off under occupation | ‘The cause of all these problems is the Americans. We need for them to go.’ | ‘Foreign fighters’? | ‘A stubborn insurgency’ | US short-changes Iraq on 'reconstruction’ | Opposition to occupation in US military communities | US Marine speaks out: ‘I killed innocent people for our government’ | Media: Where are the anti-occupation voices? | Good news from South Korea

No. 1 – 02/07/2004 IOF Factsheet on the ‘handover’ | Expose the war profiteers in central London this summer! | After the ‘handover’ | The war on your doorstep